Accountability and Performance Panel – 16 June 2015

Agenda – 16 June 2015 (PDF, 188KB)

Minutes – 28 April 2015 (AP15/29) (PDF, 244KB)

Financial Monitoring – Budget Outturn 2014-15 (AP15/30) (PDF, 192KB)
Financial Monitoring – Budget Outturn 2014-15 – Appendices A-E (PDF, 168KB)

Progress update Suffolk Only Change Portfolio – PCC Decision Paper 31-2014 (AP15/31) (PDF, 288KB)

Suffolk Collaboration Report (AP15/32) (PDF, 176KB)
Suffolk Collaboration Report – Appendix A (PDF, 236KB)

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary Crime Data Integrity Review 2013-14 (AP15/33) (PDF, 336KB)
Appendix A – Terms of Reference (PDF, 80KB)

Use of Stop and Search in Suffolk (AP15/34) (PDF, 176KB)
Use of Stop and Search in Suffolk – Appendix A – Inspection 2013 – Use of Powers (PDF, 168KB)
Use of Stop and Search in Suffolk – Appendix B – Inspection 2015 – Use of Powers (PDF, 168KB)

Equality and Diversity Strategy (AP15/35) (PDF, 192KB)
Equality and Diversity Strategy – Appendix A – Diversity Strategy 2015 (PDF, 5.93MB)
Equality and Diversity Strategy – Appendix B – Equality and Diversity Objectives (PDF, 116KB)

Diversity Annual Report 2014-15 (AP15/36) (PDF, 196KB)

Independent Advisory Group Annual Report 2014-15 (AP15/37) (PDF, 328KB)

Independent Custody Visitors Annual Report 2014-15 (AP15/38) (PDF, 184KB)
Appendix A – Independent Custody Visitors Annual Report Summary (PDF, 776KB)

Annual Health Safety Report 2014-15 (AP15/39) (PDF, 376KB)

Complaints and Professional Standards Update (AP15/40) (PDF, 264KB)
Complaints and Professional Standards Update – Appenidx A (PDF, 1.04MB)

Crime and Disorder Reduction Grants:

Town Pastors (AP15/46) (PDF, 196KB)
Town Pastors – Appendix A – Suffolk Statistics Q1-Q4 April 2014 – March 2015 (PDF, 52KB)
Town Pastors – Appendix B – Suffolk Statistics Categories Explained (PDF, 36KB)
Town Pastors – Appendix C – Disbursed Summary to End March 2015 (PDF, 20KB)
Town Pastors – Appendix D – Allocation of Grant 2014-2015 (PDF, 24KB)

Triage Programme – Challenge For Change – Delivered by the Suffolk Offending Service (AP15/47) (PDF, 360KB)

Suffolk Drugs Intervention Programme – Delivered by Westminster Drug Project (AP15/48) (PDF, 432KB)