Proposal for residential development at the Suffolk Police Headquarters in Martlesham

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Suffolk is considering the potential sale of the Martlesham Police Headquarters site for residential development, in order to help reduce costs within the force and provide better value for money to tax payers without impacting on police services or jobs.

In order to understand the value of the site, and therefore determine whether it should be sold, the PCC has appointed a team of specialist consultants to look at how it might potentially accommodate residential development. Subject to further technical work and public consultation, it is likely an outline planning application will be submitted to Suffolk Coastal District Council later this year.
If the proposal goes ahead, the development of this brown field site could not only save the police force money, it could also help Suffolk to meet its housing needs by providing a range of homes in a short time frame (up to 5 years). It is thought that around 250 homes, would fit on this site.


A public consultation was held on Monday 18 June at the Martlesham Heath Pavilion between 1500 and 2000 hours and we would like to thank everybody who took the time to attend.  The exhibition panels can be viewed here.  Please note that if you attended the exhibition and left your contact details, these details will not be used for any other purpose than to understand and report on feedback received.  All feedback will be reported anonymously. No contact details will be shared with any third party.


As part of a full review of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s estate to see where money can be saved, the PCC is exploring the possibility of selling the site in the future to raise money that can be re-invested into police services and relocating to more fit-for-purpose premises in the Ipswich area.
What happens next?

At this stage, whilst it is not certain whether or not the site will be sold, the PCC would like to share initial plans with the neighbours, the local community, key stakeholders and the council before any decisions are made.  Any feedback on the proposals will be welcomed.
The PCC understands the importance of considering any potential impacts redeveloping the site could have on the local area. The outline planning application will show how key factors such as traffic flow, access, proximity to neighbouring properties, ecology and capacity of local services have been considered.
If outline planning permission were to be granted, valuations would then be obtained to assess if it were viable to relocate elsewhere. The site could then be considered for sale to a house builder or developer who would draw up more detailed designs and submit further planning application(s) for approval before any work could start (and they would consult on these plans).

• NOW – Technical work (site surveys) & public consultation

• SUMMER 2018 – Consider feedback from community and stakeholders, develop plans further

• LATE 2018 – Submit outline planning application to establish the principle of building houses on the site

• EARLY 2019 – Suffolk Coastal District Council to determine application

• 2019 – If approved, PCC could sell site to a house builder/developer, who would draw up detailed plans to be determined by SCDC before any building could start
All timings are approximate

Your feedback

The consultation period closed on 20th July 2018. Thank you to all those who provided comments. The project team is currently reviewing all feedback and a summary will be made available to view on this website.