Community engagement

Communicating with, and obtaining the views of local people is essential to the work of the PCC so he can effectively represent the community. We undertake a wide range of consultation activities to capture the views of the people of Suffolk on policing, crime and anti-social behaviour issues, and whether they feel the police provide value for money.

Our bi-annual programme of consultation aims to reach all sectors of our communities and we use a variety of methods to help us engage with our different community groups. These include large scale telephone surveys, business forums, conferences based on a particular themes and focussed work with local communities through our focus groups.

All the results from our consultation work is reported to the PCC so that we can take account of the views of our communities when we decide on the policing priorities for the forthcoming year.


On-going consultations:

The PCC commissions services to support victims of crime. If you have accessed any service to help you cope and recover from your experience and would like to comment about your experience please click on the link below to take part in a short survey.

Victim Services Survey


Closed consultations:

Community Tax precept consultation

Community Remedy

Local Policing Survey

Speeding and Speed Enforcement